Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Fog’s Dispersing – PHPFog’s End Announced

The amalgamation of two path-breaking technologies; PHP and Cloud Computing led to the formation of PHPFog, a cloud-based PaaS (Platform as a Service). During its stint, PHPFog attracted scores of developers due to its core capabilities of facilitating highly-scalable, feature-rich and high performance web applications. This was every PHP application development company’s dream come true. Many an offshore software development company adopted PHP as their technology of choice for web application development and used the PHPFog PaaS service. Companies only need to hire dedicated PHP programmers, as all the other infrastructure needs, such as databases, caching servers, reverse proxy servers and firewalls were taken care of by PHPFog. This eased the process of PHP Zend development and other technologies with programmers only having to worry about integrating elements like MongoDB, MySQL, Memcache, NewRelic and Blitz, testing the application and deploying it.

But, now all that is going to end on 13th January, 2012. That’s the date that the company has set for phasing out PHPFog. No, there is no need to panic! It is going to be replaced by AppFog, a new platform that may prove to be better than PHPFog. It supports a multitude of technologies including PHP, Java, Scala, Python, Node, Ruby, and Erlang. This brings into focus that point that now developers communities would start converging on this single platform giving rise to interesting opportunities and possibilities. The primary list of add-ons that AppFog will support includes PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, and Memcachier. It is bound to grow as time passes by. Supporting deployment via 3 version tools, Git, Subversion (SVN), and Mercurial; AppFog integrates a custom tool to manage application deployment irrespective of which versioning system you use.   

Some points to note about PHPFog termination and AppFog initiation:
  • A free account will last only till 21st Dec, 2012; while a paid account will last till 25th Jan, 2013.
  • The databases in AppFog are limited to 100MB
  • A persistent filesystem does not exist as yet
  • Error logs can only be viewed using the af tool
  • Only shared database support is available
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