Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Love blooms over the Internet, Courtesy - Facebook

Gone are the days when you had to prep yourselves and attend parties and fashionable events to find a date. With the advent of the web and the social networking revolution, dating portals have sprung up like mushrooms after a spell of rain. Many a web application development company has developed cutting-edge dating and match-making portals that allow you to browse through hundreds of profile and find your perfect match. There’s something for everyone; from people looking for serious love and relationships to individuals seeking casual dates and flings with no strings attached. Raking in millions via urging the young and the old alike to create paid profiles and to upgrade memberships to get better hook-ups, online dating and match-making portals have been on an exponential rise.

But wait; when its social networking we are talking about, how can Facebook be left behind? According to recent reports, AreYouInterested.com is SNAP Interactive Inc.’s ace in the glove on Facebook with more than 13 million average monthly users. An ingenious creation by Facebook app developers, this application allegedly adds up to 50,000 users per day; more than double that of other portals such as Match.com. Designed to cater to the flirtatious and young at heart, AreYourInterested.com is lean at its core with a small team managing it, as compare to the more serious and investment-wise larger Match.com.

Inheriting the traditional ease of use of a Facebook app, AreYouInterested.com allows you to configure it as an app on your Facebook page. You can then browse profile, flirt with members via virtual gifts or exchange messages. With the Facebook profile background, users get a peek into members’ information on their profiles, and thus being able to decide if he or she is the “ONE”. There is also the credibility factor as most of the information on dating websites is illegitimate and false. With Facebook forming the core of this dating app, you can be assured that what you see is what you get.

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