Friday, 14 September 2012

Ruby on Rails – A Befitting Crown Jewel

Rarely does it happen that two potent elements combine to form a powerful whole! Yet, in the field of software development technologies, you find this phenomenon to be quite common. If you have ever been involved in Ruby on Rails development you will know what we are talking about. The amalgamation of a powerful programming language; Ruby with a flexible web programming framework; Rails gave birth to Ruby on Rails. Being a full-featured open source development framework allows Ruby on Rails or RoR for short, to leverage the tremendous talent and innovation of developer communities across the globe.

Built on a foundation of object-oriented programming language, RoR helps develop highly efficient, effective and reliable web applications. No wonder there’s a rush today to hire Ruby on Rails programmers! With the plethora of technologies available today, what sets RoR apart? It’s convention over configuration. Though sounding verbose, it’s a simple technique to easily write code. Rails works to avoid configuration wherever possible thus reducing the amount of configuration required as compared to other development technologies, such as Java. This not just saves time that otherwise would have been invested in laboring over reams of code, but also tremendously increases productivity.

Wherever configuration is desired, Ruby provides accurate and efficient configuration techniques. This prevents the futile investment of time in programming conventions and provides programmers the freedom and much-needed breathing space to customize web applications to match client requirements to the T. Innovation and creativity only stems from freedom and space, and that is what RoR offers developers, the rare element of time to innovate and come up with path-breaking web solutions.

Another area where the Ruby-on-Rails framework really shines through is its inherent reliance on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Effective segregation of code is possible using this structure which allows code complexities to be effectively camouflaged. The Model aspect is the database element, View - the aesthetic UI or the face of the application and Controller – the web interaction agent. This distinct classification makes coding and maintenance easy. Support for testing of each of these elements, the Model, View and Controller are integrated into the RoR framework. Due to all these advantages the popularity of RoR has risen manifold as it has constricted development timeframes to as little as 1/10th of other technologies.

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