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Thursday, 29 November 2012

ASP.NET Development Simplified with Productivity Power Tools 2012

The Visual Studio IDE has always been a favorite for .NET developers and it provides a safe and seamless working environment for an ASP.NET development company to create state-of-the-art web applications. While the capabilities of Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 are many and powerful, there are still some features and tools that helps companies offering offshore software development services, achieve their goals faster. This is where Productivity Power Tools comes into the picture. It has been one of the most widely accepted and renowned extensions for Visual Studio 2010. Some of its features were even ported to the 2012 version. But this latest release of Productivity Power Tools 2012 brings the whole array of tools, such as Quick Find, Solution Explorer (nee Navigator), Quick Launch, and the new Add Reference dialog. This article is meant for everyone as we introduce you to the entire feature set of Productivity Power Tools 2012 that is sure to get your ASP.NET development into overdrive and help you achieve your development objectives faster.

Features back on popular demand:
  • The Enhanced Scrollbar retains its spot and allows you to view edits, breakpoints, bookmarks, errors and warnings in the source map of your file.
  • The much adored Fix Mixed Tabs feature is here too and warns & offers to fix mixed tabs when opening & closing files.
  • The convenient Automatic Brace Completion feature that easily inserts a closing code brace in tandem with an opening brace.
  • Move Line Up/Down Commands that allow easy scrolling of code via ALT+Up and ALT+Down keys
  • Organize VB Imports and syntax highlighting via Colorized Parameter Help
  • Column Guides, Align Assignments and Middle Click Scrolling
  • Ctrl + Click Go To Definition that transforms code symbols into hyperlinks on the press of the CTRL key and takes you to the respective definitions on click
  • Rich text HTML format saved to clipboard for copy/cut/paste functions
  • Control over use of extensions via Tools Options
The new kids of the block:
  • The Power Commands extension is integrated into this release and offers highly useful functions like Clear All Output Panes, Email a Snippet of Code and Edit Project Files.
  • Color Printing from the editor is also possible.
  • The Quick Tasks menu that aggregates the most popularly used features and allows you to access them by adding a “@” prefix.
This sums up the new features of Productivity Power Tools 2012. We have already started using it as a part of our Visual Studio 2012 IDE for developing cutting-edge ASP.NET web applications for clients across the globe. We are an ASP.NET development company offering cost-effective offshore software development services. You can hire ASP.NET developers from our pool of talented programmers to work on-site with you and help conceive your dream app.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Zend on Cloud Nine – PHP Tools for Mobile & Cloud

The legend that PHP is turning out to be is indisputable. For an offshore development company, PHP proves to be the ultimate code base for rapid application development and deployment. Adopted into many frameworks, PHP has wormed its way into a variety of web applications. With the current trend of everything going mobile and content available on cloud services, it is about time that PHP graduated to this platform too. Zend Studio 10, based on the Zend framework of PHP has added new tools that facilitate mobile app development with a convenient drag-and-drop environment.

The Zend Studio 10 integrates PhoneGap mobile development capabilities in addition to JQuery, creating an amazing drag-n-drop environment for rapid mobile application development. For a PHP development company, PhoneGap is a blessing as it allows UI prototyping for RIM BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and iOS mobile operating systems. It helps create convenient back-ends that range from enterprise applications to social media.

Another PHP Zend development tool is the Zend Server Gateway. It is an API for cloud services based on the REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture. This API helps integrate these cloud services into the drag-n-drop environment of Zend Studio 10 allowing easy authentication and validation. The Zend server upgrade ensures that application deployment to the cloud is automated and improved dashboards are available for in-detail monitoring of application performance across multiple cloud instances of the app. Integrated into this upgrade are compliance and auditing features that allow RCA (Root Cause Analysis) without touching the live code. Zend has also partnered with Red Hat to introduce the PHP engine for the OpenShift platform-as-a-service offering. Other prominent cloud moves by Zend include phpcloud.com, a developer space based on the Zend Server and Zend Application Fabric that is total cloud-based version of the Zend Server.

This is a major fillip to PHP Zend development and as a PHP application development company, we are keenly following all the developments in this arena. We have been developing cutting-edge PHP-based web applications for years and have a host of satisfied clientele who can vouch for our expertise. Our team of talented programmers makes an excellent bet if you are looking to hire PHP mySQL developers. We are offshore software development company committed to realizing your dream web application in the most cost-effective manner and within deadlines.