Monday, 14 May 2012

Docrails – Freedom to Undertake Documentation Fixes

Code and bug fixes are a common trend related to every application development technology. But, documentation fixes! Now, that’s something of a rarity. Ruby on Rails experts take pride in being associated with a technology that not just facilitates rapid open source web application development, but also allows the ever-increasing RoR developer community to make quick fixes to the documentation of Ruby on Rails.
Simplification of processes and ease-of-use has been a trait of RoR that has led many a Ruby on Rails development company to garner major successes in the app development arena. Docrails takes this feature even further by simplifying the entire process of doc fixes. What used to be a tedious process of opening a pull request and following a long workflow, has now been reduced to a simple clone, edit, and push cycle. Easing the doc fixes submission process is the major focus of Docrails and so it includes a public write policy that offer contributors unparalleled freedom. Even though it has a different access policy and can be termed as a separate branch, Docrails is still the authentic and actual RoR documentation; so don’t fret, your efforts are not in vain!

Features of Docrails:
  • Easy submission of fixes to any RDoc, guide, and README file
  • Treatment of documentation as an integral part of RoR, not as a separate project
  • Release of fixes in tandem with the release of the branch containing the fix
  • No fixes allowed to the code
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