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Friday, 24 August 2012

The Smoothest Application Development Ride – with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails has been the topic of discussion for years together, yet the capabilities of this cutting-edge technology are not known to many an application developer, in their entirety. What RoR application development provides is an enhanced and supremely productive path to the rapid development of web application. Here, we try to light the way to make this technology accessible and enjoyable to developer communities across the globe. So, the next time you hire RoR developers, you can be assured that your application will be up and running in no time at all.
Let’s start off with the basics! Ruby is an ideal example of a purist’s concept of a pure object-oriented language with an easy-to-write and maintain syntax that should be any programmer’s dream come-true. And Rails? A framework that is open source and is perfectly suited to the development of web-based, database-driven applications; that’s Rails for you. The advantage of this framework is its capability to develop applications up to 10x faster than technologies, such as Java! Ruby and Rails leverage each other and the two most important principles of lesser lines of code and convention over configuration are derived from this amalgamation. As you start developing RoR web applications, you’ll realize that the mount of code required is way lesser than other technologies. On the other hand, we have convention over configuration which cuts the umbilical cord for all XML files. You can literally do away with all XML configuration files, as simple programming conventions take their place.

Okay, now onto the main course! We will try and explain the process of developing a web-based, database-driven application using Ruby on Rails.

The Installation
Though Rails has always been a breeze when it came to installation and configuration, there are many tools available today that make this job even simpler. Based on your operating environment, you can choose any one of the following options: Instant Rails for Windows, Locomotive for Mac OS X, and Rails LiveCD for Linux.

The Purpose
The application we are aiming to design is supposed to show a list of all books, create and edit existing book titles, and categorize books to categories according to their genre, such as crime fiction or sci-fi. Designing the structure and defining the ground rules for standardizing such as app is important as the UI experience of a user should not differ from page to page.

The Process
Here we have our first brush with the iterative and incremental approach offered by Rails. Below are the steps required to develop any application in Rails:
Create a Rails Web Application shell (empty app)
Choose Rails’ default database name or specify one yourself
Create the database if it doesn’t exist
Pick and choose your application’s features
Create the tables that your app will use, if they don’t already exist
Create a code base for the tables
Optimize and modify the code as per your need
Repeat steps 4 -7 till your application development is complete

Step 1 - Create a Rails Web Application shell (empty app)
Rails provides an endearing feature where every Rails app has the same core structure. So, whenever you want to create a new app, Rails automatically generates a structure for this application. This is something that many Ruby on Rails consultants cherish as it affords them the extra bandwidth that they can invest in thinking of innovative features for the app. Your app will always reside under the Rails Root directory which may be termed differently based on the environment you use. Open a command prompt window and find your way to this directory. All you have to do now is christen your app. Type rails library (remember, our app is for a dynamic database of books?) and voila! Rails creates your app subdirectory and a tree of folders and files – your empty Rails app. Rails automatically writes code to most of these files in the various subdirectories. But there are a few that need a special mention:
app/controllers – contains all the controller classes. A controller is a component that handles incoming web requests from users.
app/views – contains display templates that are converted to HTML after filling in data and returned to the user’s browser.
app/models – contains classes that model and wrap the application database contents.
app/helpers – contains helper classes to do what their name suggests: help the model, view and controller classes in their function.

Step 2 - Choose Rails’ default database name or specify one yourself
The database we need to use for this application needs to be specified in a fixed format; its name concatenated with development, which in this instance means our database will be called library_development. We should also try and leave the development database password blank as it is a convention followed by Rails. If you ever need to modify the database name or password, all you have to do is access and edit \library\config\database.yml.

Step 3 - Create the database if it doesn’t exist
Now, we create our database. Ensure that the MySQL engine is running and log into the command prompt as a root user. Enter and execute the following commands:
mysql –u root –p
create database library_development
grant all on library_development.* to ‘ODBC’@’localhost’;

Step 4 - Pick and choose your application’s features
Here’s what makes Rails different from other application development technologies. Any data we assign to rails, it assumes that we will need to create, read, update and delete it. In our case, we too need to create book titles, edit them, delete them, etc. Therefore after specifying the tables we want for the app, Rails will automatically generate all the basic code. Now, do you understand why Rails is up to 10x faster?

Step 5 - Create the tables that your app will use, if they don’t already exist
We are not going to dwell on creating on tables and defining foreign keys here. All we need to know is that 2 tables are required, one for the book titles and another for the categories with a one-to-many relationship.
After creating tables in MySQL, on the command prompt ensure that you are in the library_development directory and execute the following command:
mysql cookbook2_development <db\create.sql

If you return back to the command prompt, without any messages or error, everything went fine.

Step 6 - Create a code base for the tables

Here, we use scaffolding – a concept unique to Rails that allows us to generate a basic application structure without breaking a sweat. Execute the following command on in your app subdirectory:

ruby script\generate scaffold book book

This generates the model, view and controller files for the section of our app that will use the Titles tables. We do the same for the category part:

ruby script\generate scaffold category category

Step 7 - Optimize and modify the code as per your need

We will use Mongrel; a popular Rails-friendly web server for hosting our app locally. In the library subdirectory execute the following command to rev up Mongrel:

mongrel_rails start

And, we are done! A few more lines of code would be required to patch things up and display proper messages but mostly, our app is up and running in the blink of an eye!

We are a Ruby on Rails development company that has been leveraging its extraordinary advantages for quite some time, to design and develop cutting-edge application for our clients. We provide offshore software development services to companies and organization across the globe and have achieved a 100% development rate doing the same. If you wish to harness the tantalizing power of Ruby on Rails for the development of your application, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and hire RoR developers from our talent pool. You web application will be up and running in no time, and will function par excellence; that’s a promise!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

WordPress Theme Release Rulebook – The Works

The demand for customized websites developed with the latest Content Management Systems (CMSs) has seen an exponential rise. Right at the top of the CMS lot is WordPress. As we speak (or rather, type!), there are countless individuals and companies looking to hire WordPress programmers to conceptualize and develop their websites for varied purposes, such as Ecommerce, informative portals, company intranets, etc. Specially designed themes play a significant role in the WordPress development. What’s in a theme, some would say. Maybe, but its more about what should be borne in mind before setting up a WordPress theme for sale on popular marketplaces such ThemeForest.

First up, do you like protected posts, where unauthorized viewing is restricted via password? Inserting a simple post_password_required () check in the comments.php file will ensure this. Creating an attachment.php file, even if a template does not exist, is advantageous as it helps visitors to your site view images in full screen mode with the site navigation still accessible. Modifying the rtl.css file will override the main style.css file and set WP_LANG variable to accommodate right to left written languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew. This helps keep your site flexible and open to posts from visitors across the globe. You can even supply an editor style by setting up the TinyMCE editor on WordPress. To ensure that your visitors can read paginated entries, insert the wp_link_pages tag within the loop.

Additionally, check that all the default widgets displayed by WordPress are visually appealing and have the best display resolution. Never forget to insert the wp_footer() before closing the body tag and the wp_head() before closing the head tag. Custom menus and custom backgrounds are supported by WordPress 3.0, which means you have to take extra care when posting a theme. You can also ensure that user-strings are translatable to languages other than English. After completing the design, make the theme consistent and run the WordPress.org Theme Unit Test for        ironing out any creases left behind.

We, at GoodCore have gained credible expertise in the development of WordPress-based portals and websites. You can hire wordpress programmers from us. We are also a mobile app development company at the forefront of the smartphone revolution, bringing new cutting-edge apps to the table every passing day.

Android: Reigning Supreme in the US

Witnessing a potential medal-winning athlete regaining lost ground and coming to the fore, is a wonderful and breathtaking sight. Compare the life span of the Android OS to such an athlete, and you will find surprising similarities. Always touted to be a frontrunner for the best OS spot, Android has garnered undying admiration from users and developers alike. Many an Android app development company has made a fortune leveraging the capabilities on offer from this OS.
Rising like a gladiator fending off competition in the Colosseum, Android has upstaged and stunned many leading OSs on its ascent. A recent survey shows that Android has made up for lost ground and once again built a steady lead over the Apple iOS. The first quarter of the year seems to portray Android’s market share at a whopping 61%. This means all the other mobile operating systems such as Apple iOS, RIM and Windows Phone hold a cumulative market share of only 39%. This is great news for offshore Android development companies as they can prepare in earnest for a rise in the demand for cutting-edge and highly intuitive apps. Smartphone sales are also up, accounting for 66% of all handset sales in the US.
Market Share Highlights for Android:
  • Increase in market share after poor holiday season
  • Market share up to 66%
  • Relegated all other smartphone OSs to a total market share of 39%
  • Claims 90% of market share combine with Apple iOS
  • Smartphone sale up to 66%
All these are encouraging trends that point towards the need for rapid Android app development. GoodCore is an Android app development company that has been sensing the Android OS pulse right from its inception. Priming its team for the tremendous boom in the requirement of Android apps, GoodCore has delivered path-breaking apps to clients around the globe. Proving to be a trusted offshore software development company, GoodCore’s Android development capabilities have earned it a wide base of esteemed clients around the world. If you want an Android developer for hire, approach GoodCore. When you hire Android developers from us, you don’t just hire talent, you hire an assurance of complete satisfaction!

An AVG Safety Net for Android Users

The independent Android app marketplace has been a favorite haunt for the burgeoning Android user community. As the number of users and the acceptance level of Android as an operating system go on increasing, more and more enterprises and entrepreneurs will look to outsource Android development for conceiving an innovative app that generates high ROI. The only concern that plagues the Android app development arena is safety. When downloading or updating an existing app there are chances that malware may also sneak into your phone or tablet.
Not anymore! AVG, one of the leading security-suite makers has partnered with independent Android marketplace and Livewire (mobile content provider) to ensure that all apps hosted by them are scanned for malware before being made available for download. Going one step ahead, AVG has also decided to offer their free Android security app, Mobilation for installation on mobile devices for scanning apps after updates.
Coming from the stables of a security-suite provider like AVG, who provided the widely accepted and appreciated safe e-mail scanning service; this should put Android app development companies across the globe at ease.
  • Free Android security App – Mobilation
  • Clean app download experience
  • Safe updates and downloads
  • Secure “Download to Update” safety promise
  • Possibilities of security being extended to other mobile content provider
With this announcement, companies providing Android development services will receive a further boost as they lease out or allow enterprises to hire android app developers from them. Not only will the Android apps be innovative and cutting-edge, they will embed a promise of security to. GoodCore is an offshore software development company that is your perfect companion if you are looking to outsource android development. Once you hire an Android developer from us, you can rest assured that our talent pool will conjure the most imaginative and unique, yet supremely functional and highly-ROI specific Android apps that strictly adhere to your requirements. Our Android development services have garnered acclaim from all quarters of the globe and wish to extend the same quality to you and your enterprise. Give us an opportunity to delight you and make you experience Android, the GoodCore way!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Love blooms over the Internet, Courtesy - Facebook

Gone are the days when you had to prep yourselves and attend parties and fashionable events to find a date. With the advent of the web and the social networking revolution, dating portals have sprung up like mushrooms after a spell of rain. Many a web application development company has developed cutting-edge dating and match-making portals that allow you to browse through hundreds of profile and find your perfect match. There’s something for everyone; from people looking for serious love and relationships to individuals seeking casual dates and flings with no strings attached. Raking in millions via urging the young and the old alike to create paid profiles and to upgrade memberships to get better hook-ups, online dating and match-making portals have been on an exponential rise.

But wait; when its social networking we are talking about, how can Facebook be left behind? According to recent reports, AreYouInterested.com is SNAP Interactive Inc.’s ace in the glove on Facebook with more than 13 million average monthly users. An ingenious creation by Facebook app developers, this application allegedly adds up to 50,000 users per day; more than double that of other portals such as Match.com. Designed to cater to the flirtatious and young at heart, AreYourInterested.com is lean at its core with a small team managing it, as compare to the more serious and investment-wise larger Match.com.

Inheriting the traditional ease of use of a Facebook app, AreYouInterested.com allows you to configure it as an app on your Facebook page. You can then browse profile, flirt with members via virtual gifts or exchange messages. With the Facebook profile background, users get a peek into members’ information on their profiles, and thus being able to decide if he or she is the “ONE”. There is also the credibility factor as most of the information on dating websites is illegitimate and false. With Facebook forming the core of this dating app, you can be assured that what you see is what you get.

If you too have an ingenious app idea and want it to blossom into a full-blown revenue-generating app, contact GoodCore. With vast experience in web application development and niche expertise in Facebook app development, we can design and develop a cost-effective app for you. Being an offshore software development services company affords us the unique advantage of economical software development with the best quality. Our team of Facebook app developers ranks among the best and are eager to help you out.

Great Expectations – From iOS 6

Are you as kicked about the launch of iOS 6 this fall as us? Apple has been redefining industry benchmarks right from the onset. Even in the face of tough competition from Android and Windows Phone, the iOS still garners a huge loyal base of users who swear by its sleek interface and ubeatable utility. The latest version of Apple’s OS is all set to redefine standards on the mobile computing platform. If you are an iPhone application development company or are looking out to hire iPhone app developers for creating the next big iPhone or iPad app, a curtain raiser of some of the most prominent features of iOS 6 will keep you interested.
With over 200 new features and updates to the iOS 6, we have tried to sift through and filter out the important ones for you.
·         Siri
Right from its inception, Siri has generated much awe and interest. Being an adept personal assistant and knowledge navigator, Siri allows you to use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, make phone calls, etc. When the iOS 6 releases, Siri will be integrated into multiple databases, allowing you to access and use information from a variety of sources including movie and timings info for theaters, sports news and updates, and restaurant information. What’s more, you can actually book a table at any restaurant by asking Siri to do it via its visual interface. Launching apps will be that much easier as Siri takes over this task. Rumors are rife that Apple will make Siri available in cars and that too at the push of a button. To be known as “Eyes Free”, this technology amalgamation is said to include all major automakers and should be available in all cars post 2013.

·         Social Space
The focus of iOS 6 is to provide an enhanced social experience. To achieve this, iPhone developers have embedded Facebook to a deeper layer on the iOS 6. You can easily share photos and Safari links using apps via a simple Share button. Updates are also due for Safari, Game Center, iTunes and the App Store. There is still some time left for the launch of iOS 6 which will allows app developers to come up with their own social networking apps too. The notification center is being spruced up to include Facebook and Twitter, both with direct post buttons. You can use Siri to post to both these services. Compare these updates to the other mobile OSs, and you might feel that Apple’s joined the bandwagon quite late. But as they say, it’s never too late!

·         Photo Streams
Sharing, viewing and commenting on photos and images are activities that almost every social media user engages in. The iOS 6 is all set to address this with Shared Photo Streams. Every time you upload photos, they will be automatically delivered to the Apple devices of the group you created. Suppose you created a group called Pals that included your best friends. Now whenever you upload any photos, this group will be automatically notified and the pictures will be shared with them on their iPhones or iPads. Additionally, this feature uses the iCloud service instead of MMS, making this entire enjoyable experience totally free. iOS 6 even addresses the issue of some of your friends not being on Apple devices. On sharing a photo stream with them, a separate web page is created that is publicly viewable where they can even add comments. In case Apple TV is activated, the Apple TV screensaver displays the latest pictures automatically.

·         The Phone Experience
On the earlier version of the iOS, a call could be received on your iPhone by swiping the screen, and it could be dismissed by depressing a button located at the top of the phone. The iOS 6 is smarter; it allows you to slide the on-screen phone icon vertically to reveal options, such as “Remind me Later” and “Reply with Message”. These options are further subdivided into options that let you decided the timing and location of reminders. You also have default messages that can be issued under “Reply with Message”. What really sets the phone experience apart is a comprehensive Do-not-Disturb setting that blocks all phones, emails and messages. You can customize this setting for a number of hours, thus putting an end of the sudden light-based notifications of receiving an email when in the middle of something important. Further customization also allows you to configure some calls to be ut through to you. A custom group can be created that can reach you in spite of the Do-not-Disturb setting. If you receive a call from the same number twice within a span of 3 minutes, the call is pushed through as the OS perceives it as an emergency. Smart, isn’t it!

·         Navigation with Maps
The iOS 6 improves on all its predecessors by integrating a better Maps app. Ditching Google as the service provider for maps, Apple has now used its own extensive talent pool to come up with a seamless navigation app that is sure to wow users across the world. The app now features a direction arrow, bookmarks, and an address bar. Using vector graphics, the rendition is smooth along with clear text. Along with the current finger gestures, the new Maps are all set to be rotated and tilted using 2-finger gestures. The Flyover feature provides 3D top views of major cities and you can use Siri to provide you a voice-based turn-by-turn navigation experience. The display also provides driving instructions and traffic information is procured from other iPhones in the area. The maps are intelligent to provide alternate routes to beat the traffic.
The Apple iOS 6 will be out this fall, almost in tandem with the new iPhone. We will keep our eyes peeled to ensure we have all the latest information of this interesting hot mobile development segment. We are a company that provides offshore software development services to clients across the globe. Being a leading iPhone app development company, we are attuned to the latest developments in the iPhone development arena. You can hire iPhone experts from us to create or fine-tune your app, so that it’s ready for the big occasion – the launch of the iOS 6.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Augmented Client-side Storage with HTML5 in ASP.NET

If you are designing and developing a website using ASP.NET then this forms a pertinent question for you. How do you want to store application data on the client side? The optimal solution that any .NET development company would prefer is HTML5 Web Storage. Being a streamlined data storage mechanism, HTML5 stores data at the client’s end as key-value pairs.

At the server-end, data storage is never an issue with RDBMS solutions. Traditionally, dedicated .NET developers used to store data at the client’s end in the form of cookies. W3C provides 5MB per origin storage space for HTML5. Juxtapose this with the size for cookies (4MB), and the reason is evident why HTML5 Web Storage should be preferred. But, let’s not jump to conclusions as there always is a catch to every situation. Cookies are passed instantaneously between the client and server automatically, in sync with a website’s every request. Web Storage does not do this, and you need to establish a programmatic construct using methods like JQuery to call a Web Method or a WCF service. The data in the Web Storage cannot be cleared by setting an expiry, unlike Cookies. You again would need to adopt a programmatic approach for the same or use a browser-based UI dialog box for clearing the same.

You can implement Web Storage in two forms; session storage, which lasts as long as the current instance of the browser exists or local storage, where data persists across multiple sessions. These can be manipulated using the sessionStorage and localStorage attributes of the window object. Single transactions are where session storage is ideal as data ceases to persist as soon as the user shuts down the browser instance. In local storage, the data is trans-session persistent and therefore can be used for future access to the same website. Even closing the current browser instance does not remove the data. Below are some of the key-value pairs with almost identical properties and methods for session storage and local storage:

  • setItem() – stores a key-value pair in the respective Web Storage object
  • getItem() – retrieves value of a specified key from the respective Web Storage object
  • removeItem() – removes a specified key-value pair from the Web Storage object under consideration
  • clear() – removes all the key-value pairs from the Web Storage object
  • key() – takes a 0 based index and returns key name at that index
  • Length – returns the total number of key-value pairs present in the Web Storage object
  • remainingSpace – returns the amount of storage space in bytes still available for storing data. This property is specific to IE. Other browsers may implement similar property.

You can now go ahead and implement one these methods for storing application data at the client’s end. At GoodCore, we are always on the hunt to redefine programming paradigms. Optimizing processes and developing new ways to reduce product development lifecycles is an inherent goal at GoodCore. Being an offshore software development company, we provide cost-effective offshore .NET development services that are world-class and are sure to help you conceive the web application of your dreams in reduced timeframes.