Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Android: Reigning Supreme in the US

Witnessing a potential medal-winning athlete regaining lost ground and coming to the fore, is a wonderful and breathtaking sight. Compare the life span of the Android OS to such an athlete, and you will find surprising similarities. Always touted to be a frontrunner for the best OS spot, Android has garnered undying admiration from users and developers alike. Many an Android app development company has made a fortune leveraging the capabilities on offer from this OS.
Rising like a gladiator fending off competition in the Colosseum, Android has upstaged and stunned many leading OSs on its ascent. A recent survey shows that Android has made up for lost ground and once again built a steady lead over the Apple iOS. The first quarter of the year seems to portray Android’s market share at a whopping 61%. This means all the other mobile operating systems such as Apple iOS, RIM and Windows Phone hold a cumulative market share of only 39%. This is great news for offshore Android development companies as they can prepare in earnest for a rise in the demand for cutting-edge and highly intuitive apps. Smartphone sales are also up, accounting for 66% of all handset sales in the US.
Market Share Highlights for Android:
  • Increase in market share after poor holiday season
  • Market share up to 66%
  • Relegated all other smartphone OSs to a total market share of 39%
  • Claims 90% of market share combine with Apple iOS
  • Smartphone sale up to 66%
All these are encouraging trends that point towards the need for rapid Android app development. GoodCore is an Android app development company that has been sensing the Android OS pulse right from its inception. Priming its team for the tremendous boom in the requirement of Android apps, GoodCore has delivered path-breaking apps to clients around the globe. Proving to be a trusted offshore software development company, GoodCore’s Android development capabilities have earned it a wide base of esteemed clients around the world. If you want an Android developer for hire, approach GoodCore. When you hire Android developers from us, you don’t just hire talent, you hire an assurance of complete satisfaction!


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